Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stamp Camp "Cards" Inspiration

Every month I get together with a amazing group of ladies. All of them are dedicated card makers/ stampers. Usually we have a themed card swap, but this month we did something different. Each of us brought a stamp from home that we have never used and swapped it. The stamp we did get, we took home, and made a card or two with it. Then we gave the stamp and the creations back to it's owner so they would be newly inspired to use their stamp. 
I swapped out this peacock stamp from a Fiskars acrylic stamp set. And (above) is the card someone created for me!

Here are some more amazing card creations from swapped stamps!

 This next one is the one I created. :)
 Before our little meeting starts, some of the ladies bring cards and tags that have made since the last meeting and pass them around like a "show and tell"

See more "Stamp Camp" card inspiration here!
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