Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fiskateer Orange Blog Hop!

Welcome! If you have come from Simply Kincke's blog,
you are in the right place! This is a stop on the Orange Blog Hop where members of the Fiskateers, a community sponsored by Fiskars, is sharing their passion for crafting.

As you guessed it, the premise of this blog hop was to create something Orange as this is the Fiskars trade mark color. So I thought to make something pretty and practical. And I could not stop at just one project. I was having too much fun!

" Pocket Tissue"

Fiskars Treading water border punch, Boundary waves border punch, scalloped circle punch and 3-1 corner punch.

I made this  by wrapping a generic pocket tissue pack with scrapbook paper, just like a present. I draped the ends with Treading water border strips. For the center of the pack, I used the scalloped circle punch on orange paper and cut out the centers and then cut them in half before adhering them to the tissue pack. Lastly I accented everything with Tiara stickles.

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 "Love Notes"

Ever since Dyllan was in Preschool, I always put love notes in his lunch. Some were funny jokes, happy drawings, dot to dots with crayons included and sometimes sticker kits. I never go a day with out putting something in his lunch. But I never had a safe place to put them until this great hop!
To make this, you will need:One empty tissue box, Fiskars treading water border punch, 3-1 corner punch, Scrapbook paper, ruler, scissors, adhesive, bone folder, pencil, chipboard letters, glitter glue.
Start by trimming away the inside lining of the tissue box.
Carefully cut the top of the box so you can fold it back at a template. It's much easier to do it this way than to second guess the tissue box opening blindly. When done, carefully tape the box back together, you don't have to be perfect  with the tape as you can cover it up with the paper later.
Trace your box on the back of the chosen paper and cut each square/rectangle out, but not closely to the line.
Use your ruler and bone folder to score the trace lines on the cutouts. This is so you can fold them accurately.
Cut at the corners. But don't worry about being perfect.
Cut the center cover larger than the hole itself. Then use the 3-1 corner punch to accent the corners. Finally cut out the box hole so it's ready to place on top of your box.
If you have a trace and cut shape template, you can use it to make some extra fun notes to write in.
Dyllan liked opening up one of these in his lunch the other day!
I love how the  Treading water punch has a template to follow so you can't mess up your strips.Go ahead and  make enough strips for your box.
Adhere your strips to the box, add your chipboard letters and glitter them up.

 And now you have a special place to hold special messages!
 Please continue on to Fiskateer Lyn Dwyer, she's next in line for the hop.
 I hope you have enjoyed my crafts! Thanks for coming by. Comments welcome and I've love for you to follow me.
 Have fun on the hop!
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